Macadamia (South Africa)

Macadamia (South Africa)

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Botanical Name: Macadamia interfrifolia
Botanical Family:  Protace
Therapeutic Properties: 

Macadamia is a rich, smooth and highly moisturizing oil with a distinguishable aroma. It is highly emollient and particularly good for mature, dry and environmentally stressed skins.  Macadamia is useful for blending with other base oils to boost the Essential Fatty Acid content. Blend up to 10% with other base oils for face or body.

Contraindications: May not be suitable for those with nut allergies.

Body Emollient Oil blend 
  • 10 mL Macadamia
  • 20 mL Sweet Almond
  • 1 drop of Jasmine Sambac
Blend ingredients together and add to a dropper bottle. Massage full body after a shower.