Organic Lavender Bulgarian (Western Bulgaria)

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Lavandula angustifolia 

  • Country of Origin: Western Bulgaria
  • Plant Family: Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
  • Method of Extraction: The oil is steam distilled from the freshly cut flowering tops.
  • Main Therapeutic Properties: Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-rheumatic, Antispasmodic, Calmative.
  • Contraindications: Non toxic and non irritant in prescribed doses.  Keep away from children.  Do not use during pregnancy.
  • Oil Appearance: Clear to pale yellow.
  • Chakra: Heart, Crown & Base.
  • Chinese Element: Fire (& Wood).
  • Fragrance Profile:  Fresh light floral middle note

Organic Bulgarian Lavender a blissfully soothing oil that is clear to yellow in colour with a herbaceous, floral sweet aroma that is known worldwide for its relaxing and emotionally healing properties. Approved by the soil association.


Lavender has a fresh, floral, light sweet aroma and is clear to pale yellow in colour. Our Organic Bulgarian Lavender grows at around 500 metres above sea level in a mountainous area of Western Bulgaria. The land is rocky and rich in oxygen, creating the perfect conditions for good growth and yield. It is carefully steam distilled from the freshly cut flowering tops


The primary components of Bulgarian Lavender oil are linalool and linalyl acetate. Other components include a-pinene, limonene, 1.8-cineole, cis- and trans-ocimene, 3-octanone, camphor, caryophyllene, terpinen-4-ol and lavendulyl acetate.