Organic Tamanu Oil

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  • Botanical Name:  Calophyllum inopyllum
  • Botanical Family:  Calophyllaceae
Therapeutic Properties: 

Tamanu is a wonderfully therapeutic oil for use on the face and body.

It is moisturising and regenerating and a highly sought after oil for cosmetics and skin care.

It has various therapeutic properties which can help treat problems of the hair and scalp and is also anti-inflammatory, thus a good oil for sports massage.

Try combining up to 10% of this oil with other base oils.

This sought after oil has been traditionally used by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years as a topical skin remedy. It is also used by Polynesian women to promote healthy and smooth skin and for a nappy rash on babies.

This carrier oil is also used in skin creams for its soothing properties and it helps to improve skin elasticity, tone, firmness and appearance.

The Tamanu seeds have a very high oil content but it takes up to 220 pounds of fruit to produce 11 pounds of oil, thus a sought after product with a higher price than other carrier oils which have a higher yield.


Exotic body massage oil
  • 25 mL Jojoba
  • 5 ml Tamanu
  • 1 drop of Ylang Ylang
  • 1 drop of Sandalwood
  • 4 drops of mandarin
Blend ingredients together and add to a dropper bottle.  Massage full body after a shower.