Organic Sesame Seed Oil (Cold Pressed) Mexico

Organic Sesame Seed Oil (Cold Pressed) Mexico

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  • Botanical Name:  Sesamum indicum
  • Botanical Family:  Pedaliacea

Therapeutic Properties: Sesame is the preferred massage oil of Ayurvedic practitioners. It is particularly high in vitamin E.  Sesame seed oil is a warming oil. Sesame oil is nourishing and strengthening the skin and hair. It can be blended with other carrier oils up to 10% to mask its strong odor.

This oil contains high amounts of essential amino acids which are important for the brain, this may be why it is used in hair oils and head massage in India.

It is also a useful addition to facial blends for dry skin and to protect skin from damage by the sun. It is also warming, thus a good carrier oil to use after any kind of exercise or in sports massage.

Conditioning and Hair oil

  • 30 mL Sesame
  • 1 drop of Himalayan Cedarwood
  • 1 drop of English peppermint 
Blend ingredients together and add to a dropper bottle.  Massage into scalp and hair.