Tuberose Absolute 3% Dilution in Jojoba

Tuberose Absolute 3% Dilution in Jojoba

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Polianthes tuberosa

Plant Family
Method of Extraction:  Alcohol extraction from the concrete made from the flowers.

Main Therapeutic Properties: Mainly used in natural perfume blends.  It is calming and relaxing when used in very low dilutions.

Contraindications: Non-toxic and non-irritant in prescribed doses.
Fragrance Profile - A unique metal floral
Oil Appearance: dark brown
Chakra: Sacral & base
Chinese Element: Fire & Water

Tuberose has a well-established reputation for use in fine fragrances and perfumery.

It is great for overcoming worry and everyday stress and has been known to enhance creativity and sensuality.

Due to its powerful aroma, very little of this precious oil is needed to perfume any oil or cream.