Basil, Sweet Ocimum basilicum

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Absolute Aromas has selected true sweet Basil into their collection of essential oils, to be suitable and safe for Aromatherapy treatments.

The Latin name is Ocimum basililicumand often referred to as Basil linalool chemotype.  It is sourced from Egypt and steam distilled from the leaves and the florets of the plant.

Basil will grow up to 50 cm in height. This low growing herb has green leaves and small white flowers.

Basil linalool chemotype consists of an average of 19-25% Linalool which is calming and soothing.   It also consists of a high range of methyl-chavicol 70-80% which gives this essential oil its anti-microbial properties.  This basil is considered to be safe to use in aromatherapy in prescribed recommendations. 

This essential oils should only be used at up to a 1% dilution in blends.  e.g. 6 drops in 30 mL carrier oil.

Formulation Corner

Focus Blend

  • 1 drop of Sweet Basil
  • 1 drop of peppermint
  • 1 drop of lemon
Place in a diffuser and use for 10-20 minutes prior to studying or focusing. 

Abdominal Massage

  • 1 drop of Sweet Basil
  • 1 drop of Lavandin 
  • 10 mL of Almond oil
Blend in beaker and massage abdomen in a clockwise direction after shower or bath.

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