Amyris (Farmed) Haiti

Amyris (Farmed) Haiti

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Amyris balsamifera

    • Botanical Family: Rutaceae (Citrus family)
    • Extraction: Distilled from the wood of the tree
    • Fragrance Profile: Deep amber - base notes
    • Oil Appearance: Resinous amber.
    • Contraindications:  Non-toxic, non-irritant in prescribed doses.  Keep away from children.  During pregnancy consult with a personal health care provider.provider.
    • Chakra:  Resonates with base and sacral chakra
  • Chinese element: Wood

It has a soothing, relaxing effect on the nerves and is often used to alleviate stress, nervous tension and irritability, along with improving the quality of sleep.

It is known for its potential skin rejuvenating properties and is used in place of Sandalwood in soaps and cosmetics as it can act as a fixative and give a long lasting, base note scent, for less than half the price!