Avocado (Farmed)

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Botanical Name:  Persea gratissima

Botanical Family:  Laureceae 

Therapeutic Properties:   Crude Avocado oil is rich in saturated fats, providing the oil with a heavier texture to the oil.  It is rich in Vitamin A & E and chlorophyl.  Making this oil beneficial for skin repair.  When applying this oil on to the skin - use up to 30% dilution.

Dry Skin Emollient for full body.

20 mLs of Almond Oil

10 mL of Avocado crude

6  drops of Lavender (High Altitude)

3 drops of Geranium Egypt

Blend all the ingredients, place in the bottle.  Use as a massage blend after a shower or soak in the bath with 1/2 the formulation.