Marjoram, Sweet (Egypt)

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Origanum majorama

  • Botanical family:  Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
  • Extraction:  Distilled from the dried leaves and flowers tops
  • Fragrance: Profile: Herbaceous Warm spicy - middle/base note
  • Therapeutic properties:  Analgesic, Antibacterial, Anticatarrhal, Antispasmodic, Calmative, Digestive stimulant, 
    Appearance: Clear, sweet, spicy and clear yellow tint.
  • Contraindications:  Stimulating and skin irritant when used above prescribed dosages.  Keep away from children.  Do not use during pregnancy. 

Sweet Marjoram has a sweet herbaceous aroma. It is a relaxing, warming and comforting oil particularly good for overthinking and worry. It is also great for muscular aches and pains, lethargy and digestive problems.