Frangipani Absolute Diluted in Jojoba

Frangipani Absolute Diluted in Jojoba

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Plumeria rubra

Plant Family: Apocynaceae.

Method of Extraction: Extracted from flowering heads.

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, relaxant.

Did you know: The flowers are worn in the hair of women from southern India.

It is often used in expensive perfumes for its sensual aroma.  For convenience, we have diluted this absolute to a ratio of 3% in Jojoba Oil.  It can be used directly on the skin as a perfume or part of a base product formulation.

Frangipani is a great oil to add to skincare products and body creams for a long-lasting fragrance. A little goes a long way as this oil is very powerful.

Blends well with the other floral oils and citrus oils.