May Chang - Wild Crafted (China)

May Chang - Wild Crafted (China)

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Litsea cubeba

  • Plant Family: Lauraceae
  • Method of Extraction: The oil is distilled from fruits
  • Therapeutic Properties:  Calming Antiseptic and anti-bacterial
  • Fragrance Profile: A bright citrus aroma middle to base note.
  • Appearance:  Pale yellow
  • Contraindications:  Due to the high aldehyde content is a strong skin irritant.  Do not use topically.   Keep away from children. Do not use during pregnancy.
  • Chakra:  Resonates with the solar plexus
  • Element: Water and wood

Oil of May Chang is a comparatively new essential oil to the West. It is steam-distilled from the pepper-shaped fruits (Cubeba) of this tropical tree.

The strong lemon odour of the main constituent (Citral - 75%) dominates and hence the oil resembles Lemongrass, although it has a rounder and more fruity aroma. While the synonym Litsea Citrata is often given for May Chang, Litsea Citrata is a related species with a lower Citral content.